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How to rent short term apartments in Germany?

Updated: Feb 2

It is common for people to travel to Germany for a short period of time, whether for business, a course exchange, or for an extended vacation. However, most suffer to find an ideal apartment that suits their needs.

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Expatriates often rent temporary apartments when they move to Germany for the first time. Most newcomers don't buy or rent a single house when they move for the first time.

In Germany, you have the possibility to rent an unfurnished apartment, a serviced apartment or a fully furnished apartment.

Temporary accommodation in Germany

If you're planning to stay in Germany only for a few months, there are a few options you can consider rather than booking a regular hotel. The options include serviced apartments, renting an apartment, or finding an Airbnb, etc.

In Germany, you can find fully furnished apartments at a cheaper cost. In comparison to living in a hotel, these apartments provide a better and more personalised lifestyle.

Regular Hotels

Hotel rooms are your best choice for short visits or vacations in Germany, if you want to be mobile.

There are numerous hotels, both international hotel chains and local hotels, that operate in big cities as well as in small towns across Germany. You’d find big names even in the countryside small towns.

As you do usually, just login to one of those travel booking sites and book your stay. However, when it comes to traveling in Germany, or Europe in general, my personal experience, whether in terms of price or deals, with is much better compared to other travel aggregators.

Serviced apartment in Germany

Often, business travellers book serviced apartments because their days start early and end late. Furthermore, serviced apartments are most suited for business travellers as they can leave the hassle of cleaning the apartment and making bed every day.

One additional benefit of serviced apartments is that most of them offer free breakfast and snacks. Otherwise, they offer breakfast for a relatively cheaper price.

Where to look for serviced apartments in Germany?


With tempoFLAT, you can find a wide selection of furnished apartments offered at base cost by individuals who are not looking to make a profit. Since you can sublease your apartment while you are away, your sub-tenant gets to enjoy a wonderful stay in your flat, and you get to save on your rent. Private subletting means that there are fewer business apartments being taken off the rental market – this is your contribution towards counteracting the housing shortage.

Most people don't know that, just like regular hotels, lists serviced apartments too. With, you can find and book serviced apartments across Germany just like how you book a hotel room.

Additionally, often provides seasonal as well as regular offers for serviced apartments.

Short term rentals in Germany

If you’d like to have your own space, but don’t want to buy or rent furniture and other household items, then you can opt for a short term rental apartment in Germany.

The short term apartment rentals usually come from one up to six months contract and mostly include furniture, television, and other kitchen as well as living electronics equipment.

Wunderflats offer furnished apartments that give you all the freedom you need. With Wunderflats, you can choose your apartment and rent it by signing the contract online. Their processes are optimised to save you time.

Wunderflats often verify listings and visit apartments to make sure the pictures on the portal are the same as the actual property.

Once a Wunderflats has been reserved for you and before the rental agreement is signed, Wunderflats also offer viewing appointments if you request.


If you are planning to stay in Germany, then Mr.Lodge would be the best choice for you. Mr.Lodge provides fully furnished apartments in great locations in Munich at affordable cost.

It was Mr.Lodge that I used to find my first apartment in Germany back in 2016, and it has been the best place in Germany where I've lived.

In addition to short-term rental portals, you could also use general German property rental portals as well. Immobilienscout24 or Immowelt are two popular property rental services in Germany. However, since landlords who advertise in immobilienscout and immowelt expect tenants to stay for a long time, it may be difficult to find a short-term rental.

The cost of renting in Germany

The cost of living in German cities is also rising every day, just like in other parts of the world. In spite of the signs that have been present since the end of 2021, the recent events contributed to the rise in living costs.

As Iamexpat reported, Munich has been ranked the most expensive city in Germany in 2022.

It's evident to me as someone who lives in Munich. Approximately 1200 euros would have been enough to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Munich when I moved here in 2016. Despite raising my budget to 1700 euros, I cannot even get a viewing appointment for a 2 bedroom (3 room) apartment in 2022.

Therefore, make sure to plan your budget accordingly.

Finally, when you leave the comfort of your home and home country and decide to come to Germany, don’t you worry! There are plenty of options to choose from whether you are a business traveler who has been assigned on a project onsite or a nomad who wishes to stay in Germany and know the culture.

Short-Term Apartment Rentals in Germany: Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the average cost of renting a short-term apartment in Germany?

The cost of renting a short-term apartment in Germany varies depending on the location and the duration of the stay. On average, a studio or one-bedroom apartment can cost between €500 and €1,500 per month.

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Do I need to speak German to rent a short-term apartment in Germany?

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