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Do I need a degree for IT jobs in germany?

Updated: Mar 9

The IT sector in Germany is one of the fastest-growing industries, with a high demand for skilled professionals. While having a degree in computer science or related fields is always a plus, it is not always a requirement for certain IT jobs in Germany. Instead, employers often look for candidates with a specific set of skills and experience that match their job requirements.

is a degree required to get a job in Germany?

It is in fact not necessary to have a recognized degree in order to work in the IT sector in Germany if you have worked in the IT sector elsewhere for at least three years within the last seven years. All you need is a job offer in Germany with a salary of at least 50,760 EUR gross (before taxes).

Is it necessary for you to learn German before you can work in Germany? Perhaps you are thinking wrong!

How to get a German residence permit?

Once you have an offer from a local company in Germany, you may need a German work visa and a residence permit depending on where you are from and how long you intend to stay. Germany offers different types of work permits, most of which are available to those who have found a job here.

Documents required for German residence permit:

  • Application form filled out online

  • Your passport

  • Biometric passport photo

  • Job offer with the salary information

  • German language certificate.

  • Proof of previous IT-related experience

Be sure to check the official website of the German Embassy or Consulate General in your country of residence for additional requirements.

Once you have all documents ready, book an appointment in the German consulate. You must submit your application along with supporting documentation on the date of your appointment.

Upon verification, the German consulate will make a decision regarding your application. Upon approval of your application, you will be granted a visa for working in Germany.

As soon as you arrive in Germany, you should register at the local citizens office and apply for a long-term residence permit at your local foreigners office.

how to find a job in Germany

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