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German Job Opportunities for Non-German Speakers: Is It Possible?

Updated: May 24, 2023

It is easier for foreigners to find employment in Germany without having German language skills in technology startups and established multi-national companies

is it possible to get a job in Germany without German?

Yes, there are jobs in Germany for non-German speakers; otherwise I wouldn't have worked here!

It is easier for foreigners to find employment in Germany without knowing German in technology startups and established multi-national companies; on the other hand, foreigners seeking employment in medical fields, marketing, consulting, etc have a much harder time finding employment in English here.

Applying for a job here does not require you to already live in Germany. It is not uncommon for German companies to hire people from abroad and assist them with relocation.

How likely is it that English-speaking jobs will be available in Germany?

As far as we know, finding a job in Germany that speaks English is not very difficult.

It is common for companies - mostly multinational companies - to use English as their official language.

There are thousands of job listings on LinkedIn and Indeed that require only English skills in Germany. It is also likely that you will find English jobs in native German companies that hire for their English-speaking clients.

What Are Your Chances Of Finding An English-Speaking Job In Germany Without German skills?

We have observed in our past experience that those who look for a job in a tech company, or a startup in any field are most likely to find employment in Germany that only requires English skills.

In contrast, jobs requiring you to know German or work with German regulations are the least likely to be offered to you if you are unable to speak the language. Those in marketing, medicine, consulting, etc. are hard to find a relevant position.

Tips To Find An English-Speaking Job In Germany

Consider Startup Jobs Over Big Companies

It is common for startups to have English as their official language since they are open to having an international team.

You Need To Look In The Right Place For Jobs

Among many job portals out there, LinkedIn, Indeed, Xing - known as Germany's LinkedIn, Make It In Germany, Munich Startup Jobs, Startuplist, Arbeitnow are few websites that can help you land the right job in Germany without speaking German.

Furthermore, if you've already shortlisted a few companies where you'd like to work, check out their own career websites to find opportunities that may not be listed elsewhere.

In addition, make sure your LInkedIn profile is up to date. On LinkedIn, recruiters contact potential candidates directly, and a lot of great companies post their jobs, so you can apply directly.

Choose cities with a larger population

Among the top five cities in Germany are Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf, which are home to most large organizations as well as start-ups. Some of these companies include Allianz, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Munich RE, and Twitter.

What if you cannot find an English-speaking job in Germany?

It is likely that you will need to learn German if you are unable to find an English-speaking job in Germany. When participating in meetings and performing non-customer-facing jobs, companies usually require expats to have a B2 language level.

Finally, you may have difficulty finding an English-speaking job at first in Germany. However, the key to success is extensive research and a never-say-die attitude.

In our experience, the chances of finding English-speaking employment in Germany are higher if you focus on tech companies and startups.

We still suggest you ask the recruiter if they consider candidates without German skills even if you come across a job listing in German.

how to find a job in Germany

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