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Renewing a driving license in Germany

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

German driving licenses are valid for 15 years if you are a new driver or an experienced driver converted to the German driving license.

How to renew a driving license in Germany

From the date of issue (section 14(10) in a driving license) a German driving license is valid for 15 years.

If it's time to renew yours, simply make an appointment at your local driving license office before your existing driving license expires. It's better to start the processes 3 - 4 weeks earlier as it might be difficult to get an appointment at some offices.

Documents required

  • Current driving license

  • One passport size photo (not older than 6 months)


Your renewed driving license costs around 24€ and should be ready to collect in three to four weeks. However, different driving license offices may have different timelines depending on the rush

A driver's license issued by a foreign country cannot be renewed in Germany. If you have a foreign driving license, you will have to apply for a new German one.

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