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How do I get a job seeker visa in Germany?

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

If you wish to search for a job in Germany, you can apply for a job seeker visa which is valid for up to six months and the possibility to convert to a residence permit.

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world with a strong 4 trillion dollars growth. The country is also home for many international brands such as Allianz, Adidas, Volkswagen group, Mercedes, Hugo Boss, etc.

How do I get a job seeker visa in Germany?

You can do this at Anerkennung in Deutschland or simply Recognition in Germany. It is the central information portal of the Federal Government for recognizing foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

  • You must also prove that you will be able to support yourself and meet all financial requirements during your stay in Germany.

  • In addition you must provide proof of German language skills that correspond to your intended occupation.

In our experience, IT and related areas don't tend to emphasize having German certification. However, if your area of interest requires you to know German such as marketing, medicine, consulting, etc. or work with German regulations you might need to have a language certification before you can apply.

Can I work in Germany with a job seeker visa?

When you receive a residence permit for the purpose of searching for a job, you are not allowed to work in Germany. However, it is still possible to work on a trial basis for up to 10 hours per week if you have the qualifications for the job.

These days, part-time jobs aren't hard to find in Germany. There are many delivery services such as Getir, Flink, and Lieferando you can approach. Part-time employees are also accepted at McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, and other restaurants and pay well.

At times, organizations like Allianz, Microsoft, IBM, etc. hire part-time employees and often appoint them permanently.

Permanently relocating to Germany

You can apply for a German visa and residence permit if you have already completed your studies.

However, you must have a valid offer of employment from a company in Germany.

For the nationals of third countries ( non EU / EEA countries ) it is required to apply for a residence permit / Aufenthaltstitel to live or work in Germany.

How can I get my degree recognized in Germany?

To determine whether your foreign vocational qualification is comparable with a corresponding German degree, you must go through the recognition process. This may indicate that you need additional qualification measures to achieve comparability.

In this case, you can come to Germany for up to 18 months in order to acquire these additional qualifications.

You should contact the "Working and Living in Germany Hotline" for individual advice since procedures and requirements vary by occupation. Furthermore, you may also take up some limited employment during your stay in Germany.

Upon obtaining your qualifications, you will be able to seek employment in Germany for up to one year.

How can the German residence permit application be processed faster?

The Fachkräfteeinwanderungsgesetz (Immigration act for skilled personnel in Germany) is expected to streamline the visa process for companies and skilled workers from third countries from 1 March 2020.

An employer can apply for the accelerated procedure for skilled workers if they have a confirmed job offer and corresponding authorization from the skilled worker. For this procedure, there is an additional fee of 411€. In this way, the process of recognizing foreign qualifications can also be accelerated.

On your way to Germany

You can find all the information you need about living and working in Germany at

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