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Additional child allowance and benefits for education

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Families with low incomes and single parents are supported by the child supplement program. You can submit the application online.

Working parents who earn just enough to meet their family's needs may benefit from the child allowance as an additional support.

Since July 1, 2022, the child supplement has been raised up to 229€ per month, which covers a child's needs in conjunction with the child benefit.

Those who receive the child supplement are also entitled to benefits for education and participation and can be exempted from day-care center fees.

How do I apply for a child allowance?

If you meet the following requirements, you can receive the child supplement for each unmarried child up to the age of 25:

  • Your child lives in your household and receives child benefits.

  • Your income must not exceed a certain minimum limit. For couples, the minimum income limit is EUR 900 gross, and for single parents, it is EUR 600 gross.

  • In addition to the child allowance, the child benefit, and any housing benefit you are entitled to, you can provide enough income to support your family.

  • Your income, along with the child allowance, is not so high that the child allowance is reduced to zero.

You can also receive the child allowance if your income from work, the child allowance and the housing benefit is no more than 100 euros below the SGB II entitlement.

You can submit the online application on the website of the Family Benefits Office. You can use the KiZ-Lotsen of the Familienkasse to check whether you are eligible for a claim. If you have questions about the child supplement, your local family benefits office will help you.

How does the education and participation package work?

Anyone who receives child supplement or housing benefit is also entitled to benefits for education and participation. The education and participation package consists of cash and non-cash benefits. Providing benefits in kind ensures that these benefits also reach children and young people as individual support.

Education and participation benefits include:

  • One-day excursions from school, Kita or day care,

  • Multi-day class trips from school, Kita or day care,

  • 156 euros for the provision of school supplies per school year,

  • Assumption of costs for public transport tickets for school children - even if the tickets can be used for other journeys,

  • Assumption of costs for appropriate learning support for school children - regardless of an immediate risk of being promoted,

  • Free communal lunches in schools, daycare centers, or after-school care centers,

  • 15 euros per month for social and cultural activities like sports clubs and music schools.

Many cities or municipalities also offer vouchers or special discounts. An overview from the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs shows which contact points can be used to apply for benefits for education and participation.

Checkout the official website of Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend here for more info.

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