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Study in Germany, can I get a scholarship?

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Although there are many scholarship options you may see on the internet to pursue a degree in Germany, the DAAD funding opportunity is the most popular among them.

DAAD scholarship is the largest funding opportunity for international students from the developing countries in the world. Founded in 1925, DAAD helped millions of students to study in Germany. There are a wide range of degree programmes offered by the DAAD and are available in both German and English.

Why should I choose a German University?

With a large number of internationally recognized universities, a wide variety of course options, and an affordable living cost, Germany is a great place for students. Degrees from German universities are highly valued worldwide, and German universities offer students enormous professional and personal benefits. Furthermore, the German job market is always seeking talented individuals who can contribute to the growth of the country.

Despite having free tuition fees, there are costs involved in studying here. Scholarships are therefore necessary for students from the majority of developing countries.

Compared to other European countries, Germany is not particularly expensive. However, to be able to study here successfully, you must correctly estimate the costs and be able to cover them.

Do I need to learn German to pursue a degree in Germany?

It depends on the course you choose. If you choose a course where German language proficiency is necessary, you may need a certain level of German language knowledge and might also need to submit the corresponding certificate during the application.

DAAD scholarship requirements

Students who want to pursue a full-time course in Germany may apply for DAAD scholarships. Students who qualify for the scholarship will receive a monthly stipend to cover their expenses during their studies. The applicant must, however, have completed their Bachelor degree within the last six years in their country of residence.

There may be additional requirements, such as a German proficiency certificate or English proficiency, depending on the course you choose.

At the time of application, you must have lived in your country of residence for at least one year if the length of your course is up to six months.

For a stay of more than six months, you must have completed your last degree in your home country.

Preparing your DAAD application form

The application has to be submitted online. To start with, you need to register on the DAAD website. During the course of filling out the application form, you may need to upload the documents that prove your nationality, the course you completed in your home country, language proficiency, work experience, etc. There are clear guidelines about the supporting documents in the application form.

Furthermore, you must submit a letter of motivation when applying for a Study Scholarship.

In order to qualify for a Research Grant, you must submit a detailed proposal. Also, you may need to submit a letter of recommendation from a professor from the university where you earned your degree.

Please make sure to check DAAD’s website for information that might have changed.

How much is the DAAD scholarship stipend?

Students enrolled in doctoral degree courses will receive 1,200 euros. The stipend for postgraduate students is 850 euros per month.

DAAD scholarships also include free accommodation in university dorms. In addition, DAAD covers the health insurance of Postgraduate and Doctoral students. They might also get a travel grant.

Basically, your monthly stipend covers your living expenses, health insurance, and some travel expenses. An additional benefit of DAAD scholarship is that you may also get the opportunity to take your spouse and children along with you if your course duration is more than 6 months.

Unlike most universities in Germany, some might have a tuition fee. However, the DAAD scholarship does not cover tuition fees.

While on your scholarship, if you wish to work part-time, you must first request approval from the DAAD. You should also get the consent of your supervisor or from the course coordinator. Make sure, however, that the part-time employment does not interfere with your scholarship. The income that exceeds € 450 gross per month will be deducted from the monthly stipend.

Preparing the documents for your DAAD scholarship

Apart from the duly filled online application form, your academic and work experience certificates, you also need a couple of additional documents to support a successful DAAD scholarship.

How to prepare the letter of motivation for DAAD scholarship

In less than three pages, explain why you want to study in Germany for personal and professional reasons.

Additionally, it may include information about your academic background, skills and work experience (if any). Information about your degree, how many semesters you completed, your professional experience, your language skills, and any recognitions you have won.

You may also include the reasons why you want to pursue the course you have chosen, the university you prefer, and your academic and personal expectations.

How to prepare the testimonial for DAAD scholarship

The letter of reference or testimony must be written by a professor in your university. It may include a professor's view about you as a scholar, your academic achievements, the significance of the scholarship for your career, etc.

How to prepare the project proposal for DAAD scholarship

Applicants should submit a detailed project proposal when applying for a Research Grant. Details about the project you will be working on should be included in the proposal.

Your research field, your research in the past about the chosen topic, the theories, etc., and the reasons for using them.

Additionally, if you anticipate any difficulties related to data collection or any obstacles you may come across during the execution of the research, etc.

Basically, your detailed project proposal should include all the information you have currently available.


Once you have the documentation ready, you may apply for the scholarship on the DAAD website. Both the quality of the project and the applicant's academic achievements determine whether you get the scholarship.

Don't worry if you didn't pass the assessment. The application has no maximum limit. Improve your proposal, testimonial, and motivation letter, gain more experience, and reapply!

The DAAD website has a very comprehensive FAQ section. Make sure to check it for more detailed and up-to-date infomration.

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