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Medical emergency and non working hours medical care in Germany

Updated: Jan 21

Medical emergencies can be unpredictable, and when they strike during non-working hours, it's reassuring to know that Germany has a range of options to provide you with the care you need. Whether your emergency is urgent but not life-threatening or requires immediate attention, this guide will help you navigate the healthcare system in Germany during non-working hours

How to call 112 in Germany

How to handle a medical emergency situation

If you have a serious medical emergency (such as a heart attack, or you cut yourself seriously), dial 112 for an ambulance. They will take you to the nearest hospital’s emergency department.

Non working hours

If you are in need of medical support in the non working hours (e.g. if you are sick, but not in need of an ambulance and it's 2 in the midnight),

  1. Call your house doctor or GP at first. They usually have the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) set up to answer such calls to give the contact details of the doctor on call.

  2. You can dial 116 117 for a non-emergency doctor. The helpline is available 24 / 7 including public holidays.

  3. Alternatively visit to find a local surgeon who offers emergency services.

Apotheke (pharmacy) in the out of service hours

If you urgently need any medicines or need a prescription, find an emergency pharmacy by calling 0800 002 28 33 from a landline or 22 8 33 from a mobile.

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