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How to apply for a German passport (Deutscher Reisepass)

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

As soon as you get your German citizenship, you can apply for a German passport (deutscher Reisepass). You’d require a passport to travel outside of the EU

Being one of the strongest passports in the world, you’d be able to travel up to 170 countries without having a visa prior to your travel if you have a German passport.

How do I apply for a German passport

You need to make an appointment at the Bürgeramt (Local citizen’s office) where you are registered. Please note that you have to be present at the appointment in person and nobody else can apply on your behalf.

You may also apply at the local citizens’ offices in other municipalities. However, additional fees may be charged.

Documents required for a German passport application

When you make the appointment, you need to bring the below mentioned supporting documents along with you.

  • Documents to prove your German nationality as well as your identity. (it could be your old passport or any type of photo ID card)

  • Two identical biometric recent passport photos with respect to the guidelines issued by the Federal government.

  • Your German naturalisation certificate, (optional).

  • Completed application form

  • Other supporting documents if required

Biometric details such as the fingerprints of your left index fingers will be collected at the time of your appointment.

German passport application cost

The cost depends on the location you apply for, urgency, your age, pages required, etc.

Passport Fee

Fee in Euros

Regular passport (24 years and older)


Regular passport (younger than 24 years)


Passport with additional pages (a total of 48 pages)


Temporary passport (1-year validity)​


Child's passport (12 years and younger)


Expedited service


Additional charge if you live outside of jurisdiction of the German Mission

up to 60.00

Change of Residence

free of charge

The German passport of an adult is valid for up to 10 years. The passports of people under 24 years old are valid for six years. The child passport (Kinderpass) is also valid for six years or until the child reaches 12 years of age.

Processing time for a German passport application

In general a German passport application could take from three to six weeks. Once ready, you’ll get a notification and then you can pick it up from your local citizens' office. You may also authorize someone else to collect it on behalf of you. However, you need to provide a signed authorization letter to the person representing you.

You can also speed up the process if you need the passport quicker. Upon paying additional fees, you might be able to pick up your passport within three working days. However, this depends on the rush in the office.

How to renew a German passport?

The renewal procedure is the same as applying for a new passport. However, you need to surrender your expired passport along with the other documents required for a new passport. However, you may be allowed to keep your old passport (only if it is still valid) if you have to travel while your renewal application is being processed.

How do I apply for a German passport from abroad

A German citizen living abroad may renew / apply for a new German passport at the German mission in the country of residence. You have to visit the German mission abroad in person after making an appointment in advance. You have to bring a completed and duly signed passport application form as well as other supporting documents.

It may take around four to six weeks to process your application abroad.

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